WTF is ‘hotelification’ and how can companies cash in on the workplace trend?

If you’ve never before heard of “hotelification,” you might think it sounds like a workplace provider’s take on a famous Red Hot Chili Peppers album — and perhaps that’s a pretty accurate description. Joking aside, here follows an explanation about what it is and why it matters without referring to popular U.S. rock bands.

What exactly is workplace hotelification?

“The ‘hotelification’ [the repositioning of residential, retail and office space] of the workplace is here,” declared Tim Oldman, founder and CEO of Leesman, which measures and analyzes employee workplace experience for organizations globally, in a recent WorkLife article. “Employees will treat offices differently because they are using them nomadically, booking in for a conscious stay,” he explained. “As such, they need to be beacons of warmth and hospitality to motivate them to come.”

This article was first published on DigiDay’s WorkLife platform in March 2022 – to continue reading please click here.

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